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Natural gas commercial vehicles have become the global trend
Publish:Luoyang Jieken Furniture Co.,Ltd  Time:2017-11-21  Views:166
As a vehicle fuel, LNG (liquefied natural gas) has the advantages of high octane number, good blast resistance, low engine loss, low fuel cost and good environmental performance as compared with conventional fuel fuels. Therefore, in foreign countries, the research, development and application of LNG commercial vehicles have long been promoted vigorously.
More used in the field of commercial vehicles
In the United States and Germany, for example, the promotion of LNG vehicles has been going on for many years. It is understood that LNG vehicles are currently operating mainly commercial vehicles, such as urban buses, urban construction vehicles, sanitation vehicles, logistics and transport companies. This is primarily because of the heavy volume of commercial vehicles and their high utilization rates, as well as their cheaper natural gas prices relative to fuel. Second, LNG vehicles have less emissions. LNG vehicles are less polluting than large amounts of particulate matter and noise pollution from diesel engines.
In the United States, the most LNG vehicles currently used are logistics vehicles. In the promotion of the use of medium and short haul trucks, the LNG vehicles are mainly installed on both sides of the frame with single gas cylinders, and can select the ignition type of combustion , You can also choose HPDI hybrid compression ignition (with diesel engine similar). For example, the majority of UPS vehicles used by UPS Logistics Group are of HPDI type. The type of diesel fuel used as pre-combustion and ignition of natural gas is gradually recognized by developed countries. As early as 2011, UPS purchased 48 vehicles LNG truck and put it into a company in Lake Ontario, California. Meanwhile, the New York City Department of Transportation also operates a natural gas bus. And telecom companies Verizon Communications Inc. and AT & T Inc. are also using gas-powered trucks.
In Germany, large-scale logistics company Hellmann began piloting LNG-fueled trucks in the fall of 2012 for 4 weeks of road transport. Since then, LNG trucks have also opened the German LNG logistics market.
Road tests show that LNG trucks perform well, said René Stocker, head of Han Hong Logistics, which proves that compared with diesel vehicles, LNG vehicles can reduce carbon dioxide emissions to a large extent while other harmful substances (such as carbon Particles and nitric oxide and other substances) emissions are almost negligible.
Natural gas trucks have become a new trend worldwide. Compared with conventional diesel trucks, natural gas trucks are more environmentally friendly, with lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower operating noise. Although the price will be higher than that of diesel trucks, in the long run In the meantime, the advantages of natural gas trucks will become more evident today as oil prices rise.
In addition to the United States and Germany, the development of natural gas vehicles in countries such as France, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal is also mainly concentrated in commercial vehicles, including buses, logistics vehicles and garbage trucks.
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